Friday, January 9, 2009


An important factor when it comes to community service is motivation. It's not that people don't feel for their society, its just that they lack the motivation to do anything for their community.
People are often shy and afraid to take a step for the betterment of the community.And wat better way to help others overcome this problem than by motivating them.
Every time you do something which you think is worth sharing, tell your peers. You might tell ten people out of which 4 might ignore you and what you've said. 3 might be moved by what you said. 2 might  think of taking  an initiative to do something for the community and 1 might actually be inspired to take a step towards serving the community.

Thus if every person can inspire one more individual to serve the society, the world will soon be a changed place.
So don be shy, speak up, speak out for you might motivate someone else and that too is serving the community.
I helped a blind man cross the road today, and you??