Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spoken English Classes- Lady Wellingdon

The students of MOP Vaishnav College for Women, have been working on a project to teach spoken English to students who are deprived of it. A group of students have been going to Lady Wellingdon Higher Secondary School, Triplicane, Chennai to teach a group of students of grade 12, the basics of spoken English. The initiative was taken up for a duration of about 80 hours spread over 4 months. In the era of globalization, the English language plays a key role. The basic aim of the project was to help girls get out of their shells and face the outer world with more confidence. It was to help them improve their communication skills and converse fluently in English. “If a teacher could create among the learners a drive to communicate, it will motivate them to learn”. This is exactly what the students did. They conducted a number of interactive and fun activities which would kindle the students’ inquisitiveness and lead to a better understanding of things. They are planning to broaden their vision by diversifying the program to more such schools where students are in the quest for knowledge and need to face the society at large in a better way.

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sandeep said...

it is a god college, i stay near to this coll only